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Cancellations & Returns

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Westcoast Tbars Return Policy

Westcoast Tbars ONLY accepts returns with no additional fees that are our mistake. If you request a change order, before the item has processed or shipped, we can change you order without a fee. However, if you change your order or request a return, after shipment, you the customer will be charged return shipping costs, as well as reshipmemt fees, if it is an exchange. If there is any coating damages, you the customer will also be responsible for the "recoating fees" associated with you return (powdercoat $30, chrome $75).

If you are returning a set of Westcoast Tbars, they MUST be UNINSTALLED and not damaged (i.e. Powder coating, chrome, or ANY non-factory modifcations etc. This includes coatings). If you make any changes to a set of Westcoast Tbars that our company did not authorize, advise, nor carry out, your bars are NOT returnable. We DO NOT accept any Westcoast Tbars with modifications. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for your personal decisions and cannot be held accountable for ANY changes or modifications you make to any Westcoast Tbar product(s). We will NOT reimburse customers for changes made to Westcoast Tbars whatsoever or be hold responsible or liable for any fees incurred due to personal customer discretion or action(s).

Westcoast Tbars is NOT responsible for any additional costs incurred to you the customer that may be voluntary or required for installing your set of Westcoast Tbars. We release all liability for any costs associated Westcoast Tbars after the bars have been accepted by the customer. Any modifications voids any opportunity to request a return.

Westcoast Tbars reserves the right to not accept any customer return request based upon each individual case, upon request, after review.

If you return a set of Westcoast Tbars you the customer are responsible for packaging the bars safely and securely, as to not be damaged during shipping. If we at Westcoast Tbars receive your returned bars damaged there will be a recoating fee of $30 for powdercoating (PBC) and $70 for chrome.

If you wish to return a set of Westcoast Tbars THAT HAVE NOT BEEN INSTALLED for an exchange there will be not charge (unless powdercoat OR chrome is damaged during return shipment). If you are returning a set of Westcoast Tbars for a refund, there will be a 25% restocking fee and you the customer are responsible for all return shipping costs, as well as, any powdercoat or chrome surface damage on the returned item(s).

If you the customer requests any custom modifications done by Westcoast Tbars, such as, i.e. welded gauge bungs, custom color powdercoating, height, bends, ANY modification(s) request by the customer ARE NOT RETURNABLE, REFUNDABLE, EXCHANGEABLE, or CANCELABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Due to high demand and the nature of our busy company, we cannot grant any leniency on these policies. Thank you for your interest in Westcoast Tbars. We appreciate your business.

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