Slingshot Tbars
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Features of your 12" Westcoast-Slingshots RG15

* 2015-18 ROAD GLIDES
for 2014 and earlier bikes see SLINGSHOTS Category

* 2018 and earlier STREET GLIDES

VERY IMPORTANT: ABS and NON ABS Road glides can use these bars with the current stock cables and wiring.


Fitment: Universal
Throttle by wire and Throttle cable applications.
(Throttle or Fly by wire means having an electronic throttle)

Top Crossbar: -The Center "U's" in the center and rises up 2" and then the 1-1/4" tubing is swaged (tapered) down to 1" diameter. (Fits conventional controls) - Both sides have 1/2" holes punched for internal wiring. - Cross width is 28" across and pullback is 3 1/2". - Your Wrist angle will be at a 18 degree angle. The top cross bar is welded to sit flat on a 28 degree rake. The throttle side tubing at 1" is honed out and notched for fly by wire The (2) - 3/4" holes in middle of the bar are made to be centered for the 3 1/2 spacing of the risers.

Risers: - All cuts and holes are made by Laser cutting - 3 1/2" spacing between risers. (Fits conventional top triple tree clamps) - 5/8" oval internal wiring holes

Riser Bungs: - These bungs are designed to be a steel 1 piece, 3 tier design. First tier fits inside the 1 1/4" tubing. Second tier meets flush with the bottom of the risers and is TIG welded bonding the bung to the riser. The third tier widens to 1 1/2" and is hollowed out 1/4" deep. This eliminates the need of a traditional washer setup, the handlebar bushing fits perfectly inside the custom bung.

Recommendations: - Heavy Duty Bushings - Grade 8 or Grade 9 (L9) bolts

Keynote: - These Handlebars are measured by overall height 10 inch risers with the 2 inch rise on the top cross bar equals 12 inches. - 4 total weld points.
- 2 holes will need to be made in the nacelle plastic to pass through and bolt down directly to the triple trees.
- On road glides the nipple on the underside of the vibration dampener on the inside part of the controls must be cut off to fit on our bars.

Here is RG15 Nacelle Cutout template link. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!