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The Resistance: Cage Cracker Hand Guards are designed to protect from road debris and cut the cold. When we designed our hand guards we made it a point not to cut any corners. They are 100% American made out of solid aluminum. We also made sure to throw thousands of miles down personally using and tweaking the product before we let it hit the streets . As owners and designers of the hand guards we installed dozens of prototypes and had friends install dozens more making sure that installation was easy and solid when complete.

Resistance Hand Gaurd Installation Instructions
Parts Included:
1. Wedge Nuts (2 total)
2. Allen Screws (4 total)
3. Throttle Side Bar
4. Brake Side Bar
5. Throttle Side Shield
6. Brake Side Shield

Installation Instructions
Step 1:
First prepare your grips for the aluminum wedge nuts. Those with rubber grips this is quick and simple, those with metal grips use same or similar procedure, but is a little more time consuming. You can do one of two things:
1. Drill out grip end to 1"
2. Use saw and trim grip about 3/16" from end. Be sure to debur throttle sleeve so it doesn't drag on wedge nuts (See Figure A below).
Figure A
Step 2:
Take bars (Parts 3 & 4) out for assembly. The one with the shorter 90 degree tab (Part 3) is the right side, the throttle side. Take 3/8" bolt and put through the 3/8" hole in the end of the bar. Then take the wedge nut (Part 1) and assemble loose. The wedge nut with the shoulder on it should be against the bar (See Figure B below).

Figure B

Now because of the number of different handle bar manufactures and tubing sizes the wedge nuts may require the 2" wide rubber strip. If so cut rubber strip in half (length) peel backing and wrap around the smaller part of the wedge nut, not the shoulder (See Figure C below).

Figure C

After installing the throttle side do the same thing on the brake side using the brake side bar (Part 4) and the other wedge nut (Part 1).
After the bars are assembled correctly, it should look like Figure D below.

Figure D
Step 3:

Now unbolt mirrors and remove them. Then insert wedge nuts into the handle bar, and insert mirror stem through the tab in bar. Tighten up mirror, then tighten up wedge nut in handle bar (make sure that the shoulder is not contacting the throttle so that it doesn't drag).
Step 4:
Now take your throttle side shield (Part 5) and two allen screws (Part 2) and bolt it on the throttle side bar. Repeat on the brake side bar with the brake side shield (Part 6) and the remaining two allen screws (Part 2).

Now your assembly is complete..go split lanes

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